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Spooky action at a distance

Posted by David Angal on 06/16/2017

Hi, Greg. I've always loved your work. Just wanted to say that. My question: There's an article in Scientific American, "China Shatters 'Spooky Action at a Distance' Record, Preps for Quantum Internet," that I'm not equipped to elaborate on for my family & friends. Could this research lead to the remote access of something beyond photons? I'm thinking of "Anvil of Stars." Thanks for your time. David Angal

Re: Spooky action at a distance

Posted by Greg Bear on 06/17/2017

Thanks, David! Spooky action at a distance may not (probably does not) allow for communication, but certainly intrigued me when I was putting together the metaphysics behind ANVIL and MOVING MARS. Physicists quite often do not like to be blamed for the extreme speculations of SF writers! But then, they keep discovering or postulating such weird things.

Re: Spooky action at a distance

Posted by Arqel on 08/10/2017

It's all about light. And fabulous! But then, the imminence of this was in such fiction as Peter F. Hamilton's Mandell series. People are still surprised by these developments because they aren't Grokking.

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