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Greetings from Leipzig and question

Posted by Dirk berger on 06/13/2017

Dear Greg, all the best wishes from Germany. Some years have past since your visit in Germany and I hope you both are fine. I am writing because I would have a personal question. When you were here I let the Greg-Bear-books I have sign and kept them like a treasure, but the stupid behaviour of a person living above us caused some water damage and in that event most of the books became wet and are no longer useable. So I see at your website that you do not travel near here in nearer future so there is no chance to get new copies signed. And - even if you would allow it - sending books for signing them seems hard to do - postage has become extremely expensive from Germany to US and back, as said in case you would allow me to send them. So I wanted to ask for something different: would you allow me to send you some sheets of paper for getting them signed by you that I could lay into the books? This is really only for me and it would be amazing, and of course I would add back envelope and postage. And it is no problem if you say no for some reason - it really is a question only. So all the best wishes to you and please tell the same to Astrid Dirk

Re: Greetings from Leipzig and question

Posted by Greg Bear on 06/13/2017

Hello, Dirk! Let me know the titles you lost in the flood, and we'll see if we have extras here. Very much enjoyed our time in Leipzig, and meeting with the fine folks there.

Re: Greetings from Leipzig and question

Posted by Dirk Nerger on 06/13/2017

Hello Greg, thanks for answer. I managed to get most of the titles back - only miss Forge of God which I had in the limited UK edition but I am sure ot hunt it down very soon. But as said - they all are not signed that's why I had the idea with bookplates, some publishers do so this was just an idea. But thank you for the kind offer with the books. Best wishes Dirk

Re: Greetings from Leipzig and question

Posted by Greg Bear on 06/13/2017

The limited UK edition is signed, inside--if you procure that, how about I mail you a personalized card or label?

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