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The Forge of God

Posted by Brian on 03/10/2017

Hi Greg, I'm a new fan of yours, having started reading your books a few years ago. I just finished The Forge of God today, and I loved it! It's refreshing to read a book now and then that doesn't have a "everyone fights back and saves the day" ending. I suspect that if aggressive aliens really were bent on destroying Earth, this would unfortunately be a more realistic outcome. May I ask you to clarify a few plot points? Firstly, what was the deal with the Death Valley alien? Was it what it said it was, truly warning us? Any relation to the Benefactors? Also, why the subterfuge from the Planet Killers, promising to help humanity? They could have just had their way with Earth without any charade, so what purpose did it serve. Also, why did they only want to destroy Earth, and not any of the other planets in the solar system? And lastly, why did they choose an inhabited planet? Was there a purpose to wiping out humanity? If I missed some of this in the book, I apologize! I look forward to hearing back from you. thanks, Brian ps- I also have a question that I didn't want to post on the forum. If you're so inclined, would you send me an email to the address on this form?

Re: The Forge of God

Posted by Greg Bear on 03/12/2017

Hello, Brian! Looking back through FORGE should supply the answers to all of your questions. The answers are there--and worth digging out! As well, ANVIL OF STARS carries on the saga and explains even more about this widespread galactic conspiracy. (WAR DOGS and its sequels, KILLING TITAN and TAKE BACK THE SKY, address this theme from quite a different perspective, as well.)

Re: The Forge of God

Posted by Brian on 03/12/2017

Hi Greg, Thanks for the reply! I will start Anvil of Stars soon, and when I go back to re read Forge, I'll lay to pay closer attention as I search for these answers. Brian

Re: The Forge of God

Posted by Sean M. Brooks on 03/19/2017

Dear Mr. Bear: I've read with great interest and frequent pleasure THE FORGE OF GOD. And I wondered what your father in law Poul Anderson thought of your book. He too wrote a novel featuring the destruction of the Earth, AFTER DOOMSDAY. Sincerely, Sean M. Brooks

Re: The Forge of God

Posted by Greg Bear on 03/29/2017

Poul helped me on both EON and FORGE OF GOD to figure out orbits and such. Karen helped with languages in EON!

Re: The Forge of God

Posted by Julien on 10/23/2017

Did anyone figure out the answers to the questions in the OP? I had the exact same questions myself after reading the book, but I haven't been able to figure out the answers.

Re: The Forge of God

Posted by Toby Perriman on 04/02/2018

I was wondering about answers to questions from the original post too. We’re they just sent to answer questions earth had? Why was it so ambiguous? It just kept saying that’s the wrong question. Was it a construct? Why was it built not to process waste? Why didn’t they just send down a mom? I feel like the mystery Mr Bear built around the alien creature was so intriguing and he went into such great detail describing it. Does it get explained in anvil of stars? I’m only 1/4 way through it. I suppose I’ll see but I’d it doesn’t, maybe someone smarter than me figured it out.

Re: The Forge of God

Posted by Greg Bear on 04/02/2018

The alien visitor that appeared near the cinder cone at Shoshone was artificial and designed to provoke the test subjects (that is, us) into making a response that would have value as general research in intelligent life and civilizations. The planet killers (so the books say) have two goals--one to gather data, and two, to exterminate any civilizations that might offer a challenge. The alien construct does not have to last very long. The other formations likewise are to provoke and test.

Re: The Forge of God

Posted by Michael Hurt on 08/01/2018

I've always felt that the beauty of this novel was how the characters dealt with an unstoppable and imminent death, sort of their own Kobayashi Maru for the Earth. Of course, the Benefactors gave a small number of humans a chance, but most people knew nothing of that. That's only one of many, many aspects of this classic, in my view, that make Forge of God such a personal and beautiful work.

Re: The Forge of God

Posted by Greg Bear on 08/03/2018

Thanks, Michael!

Re: The Forge of God

Posted by Loren Bruner on 07/12/2019

I've only just recently discovered your work and started with The Forge of God. Wow. There's just something about the inevitability of Earth's destruction that hits me in just the right spot. It's been a couple of months and I am rereading to answer some of the questions I shared with other readers - you pointed them back to the book so that's where I am looking. So far I have enjoyed (very much) everything of yours I have read. Thank you!

Re: The Forge of God

Posted by Greg Bear on 07/15/2019

Thanks, Loren! Hope you like the next book as well--it's arriving mid-2020 and is called THE UNFINISHED LAND.

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