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Dinosaur Summer

Posted by Brian Fitzsimons on 02/14/2017

I love Dinosaur Summer. What I find helpful in this book is letting me know that the Events in The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle took place in 1912. When I reread The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, there is no mention of when the events took place. Your Sequel to The Lost World tells me it takes place in 1912. Thank you. Finally, Wikipedia page of Dinosaur Summer has an error. I notice that on the Wikipedia page of Dinosaur Summer is that they list The Death Eagle as giant eating birds. It also shows Stratoraptor is not also known as Death Eagle. I made that error between the two of them. What I didn't realize is that The Death Eagle and Stratoraptor are the same dinosaur. I made that error on the Wikipedia page of Dinosaur Summer. I figure I let you know about this error on Wikipedia. Finally, do you think Wikipedia will show a First Edition Cover of Dinosaur Summer? That would be great to see on the Dinosaur Summer Wikipedia Page.

Re: Dinosaur Summer

Posted by Greg Bear on 02/22/2017

Thanks for the kind words and corrections, Brian! I have long since learned not to dabble in Wikipedia entries regarding my own self and works, so appreciate the kindness of others in doing so!

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