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Jack Vance, Gordon Dickson

Posted by Scott Thomas on 02/11/2017

As I understand, Poul had long friendships with both of these authors. Did you ever have contact with them in that context? I have never seen comment or reference on how much contact they continued to have in later life - Jack's autobiography I believe makes no comment at all from the time he had vision damage forward on this.

Re: Jack Vance, Gordon Dickson

Posted by Greg Bear on 02/22/2017

Jack and Gordon and Poul were good friends, along with Frank Herbert. Poul knew Gordon from their Minnesota days, and collaborated with him on the Hoka stories. There was also the famous houseboat they made and shared in San Francisco bay! Alas, they are all gone now. We still keep in touch with one of Poul's other collaborators, Gordon Eklund.

Re: Jack Vance, Gordon Dickson

Posted by scott thomas on 02/22/2017

Thanks very much for your reply.

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