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influences of Joseph Conrad

Posted by Valerio Maver on 02/08/2017

Dear Mr. Bear, I'm a final year student who is about to graduate in English Literature at the university Sapienza in Rome. Since I'm working on the connection between Joseph Conrad and Science Fiction, I'd like to ask you some questions. Do you mention Conrad's characters in your books? If yes, in which ones? In which of your books Conrad's influence is more prominent? Which aspects of Conrad's literature and thinking influenced your writing? With your permission I'd like to mention your novels in my dissertation. Thank you so much for helping me in my research, Valerio Maver

Re: influences of Joseph Conrad

Posted by Greg Bear on 02/08/2017

Hello, Valerio--excellent question! One of my first novels, BEYOND HEAVEN'S RIVER, is loosely patterned on Conrad's novel VICTORY. In EON, the mastermind behind the infinity long Way is named Korzenowski. There may be other influences, as I am such a fan of Conrad, but these come to mind immediately!

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