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Re-visit a question.

Posted by David James on 07/07/2016

Hey Greg! I was looking at the achives and I found this intresting topic: "Hi! :D :) I loved your work with the Forerunner Saga but I was wondering if you could give us a bit of info of some of the Forerunners in Cryptum. Namley Bornstellar-Makes-Eternal-Lasting's family. Here are wiki pages on them: http://www.halopedia.org/Bornstellar's_father http://www.halopedia.org/Bornstellar's_mother http://www.halopedia.org/Bornstellar's_sister My questions are below: 1) What are there names? 2) How many inches taller is Bornstellar's sister than her mother? (Crytum said she was only a few but what is her actual height?) 3) What colour eyes Does his Mother and Sister have? (His dad has Black and silver). 4) What colour hair does Bornstellar and his sister have? (Is it like their father "Purple-White" or "Deep Red" Like there mother. Or are they different all together?) :idea: 5) How tall is The Master Builder, Faber? These are just some things I was wondering as I read the book, you did a great job in describing and creating the Forerunner world/Civilisation but I thought it was a shame that we never got to know their names or got a few more destails on there looks. (Which makes sence since there looks weren't desided upon till Halo 4.) Hoping to add to the wiki soon thank you for your time. :)" I liked Cryptum and wondered the same thing as I read it, Do we have any information on this? P.s great work on War Dogs, I loved that book!

Re: Re-visit a question.

Posted by Greg Bear on 07/08/2016

Thanks for writing, David! I suggest a scholarly scan of the texts to answer these questions, because frankly, my RAM is filled with new novels at this point! WAR DOGS sequel KILLING TITAN is currently out in trade paper, and TAKE BACK THE SKY is due soon.

Re: Re-visit a question.

Posted by David James on 07/14/2016

Haha no worries, I can't wait to read those! I had a scan but the answers were not in the book unfortunantly. Have a good day and good luck with the new books! :)

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