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Take Back the Sky!

Posted by jon murphy on 01/16/2017

Wow... thanks, Greg, for another fulfilling and inspiring adventure. A great conclusion for a fantastic trilogy... I wish it didnt have to end... Worthy of the writer of Eon, my favorite sci fi novel of all time. I am once again amazed at the extent of your visionary imagination... Thanks for doing it right, Jon Murphy

Re: Take Back the Sky!

Posted by Greg Bear on 01/17/2017

Much appreciated, Jon--this series is close to my heart, since it echoes so much about the folks I met when I was a kid--and the veterans in my family!

Re: Take Back the Sky!

Posted by Mike Bechdol on 03/21/2019

Loved the trilogy. I've read several your books and all were very good sci fi. Question on Take Back the Sky. What happened to Krishna Mushran? After the people on the Oscars were taken aboard the Antagonistas ship he disappeared. Did I miss something? I suspected that he was a Guru and would show his true colors but he just disappeared. Thank you for taking the time. Thanks, Mike

Re: Take Back the Sky!

Posted by Greg Bear on 04/05/2019

I'll go back and re-up my memory!

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