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Take Back the Sky is a fine read!

Posted by Brandyn Weber on 01/16/2017

Dear Mr. Bear, I recently finished Take Back the Sky. It was an excellent end to the trilogy! As usual I waited a year for the new novel and read it in only 3 days. It was a fun trip through space and was hard to put down. I enjoyed your take on the twist of the whole series, and how you expanded it to believable proportions while offering thought provoking concepts concerning how humans and aliens would deal with it. As with all great sci fi, it addressed many deep ideas about our society and was very relevant. I enjoyed the inclusion of more recent real-life discoveries about the evolution of life on the outer planets and kuiper belt. Its always amazing to read about the advanced technology and motives of an alien civilization that is billions of years old. I like how you keep certain things vague and up for interpretation, which hints at something even larger and always leaves me wanting more. I'm still hoping a third novel is a possibility in the Forge of God / Anvil of Stars storyline. I think some sort of prequel/sequel hybrid would satisfy fans. It seems a lot of people are hoping for that that. Have you ever considered using KickStarter to fund your novels? I've seen a number of authors use that as a sort of "pre-order based on interest" method.

Re: Take Back the Sky is a fine read!

Posted by Greg Bear on 01/17/2017

Thanks, Brandyn--quite lovely how the planetary science kept creeping up on these novels, then exceeding them! But that's the way it should be. I look forward to seeing what Planet 9 turns out to be in the real world...

Re: Take Back the Sky is a fine read!

Posted by Ethan on 11/14/2019

At the end of take back the sky, durng the three year timeskip there was little revealed by venn about what happened besides joe finding teals daugther . now, i do recognise that ishima and venn do love each other, but what i would like to ask, is the current starus of VennXIshima. Are they officially married as a couple , or just slow dating ?

Re: Take Back the Sky is a fine read!

Posted by Greg Bear on 11/15/2019

Good question! I can't get access to their social media accounts, so I'll let your guess be as good as mine! But I do suspect they want their privacy respected...

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