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Asimov title

Posted by Gary Conrad on 12/11/2016

Hi there, didn't you write a Foundation book? I seem to remember reading it several years ago, but do not see it on your books listing, nor do I see it when I try to look elsewhere. I hope you can answer this when you have time.

Re: Asimov title

Posted by Greg Bear on 12/12/2016

From the webmaster: Hi Gary - yes, it was Foundation and Chaos, 1998. It was one book in a trilogy written by Greg Bear, David Brin, and Gregory Benford. - Terran

Re: Asimov title

Posted by Gary Conrad on 12/14/2016

Naturally I found it with your help and feel like a fool for not seeing it!! lol Oh well, thanks!!

Re: Asimov title

Posted by Greg Bear on 12/14/2016

You're welcome, Gary! Greg has written quite a lot of books, after all :) - Terran

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