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Forge of God

Posted by Julian on 12/04/2016

Hi Greg, eagerly awaiting Take Back the Sky and i dusted off a copy of Forge of God. Wow, i forgot how good this book was! I've read Anvil of Stars so many times and no idea why I never went back to this one. What a masterpiece and I regret not giving it the attention it deserves. I think Forge of God was only the 3rd book of yours I ever read and I've read every one of your books multiple times, except this one. My wife is quite upset that 8 hours of our Sunday has disappeared but all I want to say is, thank you, Greg. All the best, Julian.

Re: Forge of God

Posted by Greg Bear on 12/05/2016

Hello, Julian! Very nice to hear. I'm going back myself over old favorites by Bradbury and Wells and Stapledon and Clarke and discovering new titles and insights. Books change far more than movies as we re-read and re-view! Or maybe we're changing, a little...?

Re: Forge of God

Posted by Julian on 01/04/2017

How right you are, Greg. With your words in the back of my mind, i read Anvil of Stars, Eon and Eternity over the last couple of weeks. With a new baby on the way I spent way more time on understanding the characters and their personalities. So many strong people that I now have to explain to my wife as possible name choices! Unfortunately I'm probably not going to win this one with Olmy, or Suli Ram.... Ariel though could be a real candidate! :-) All the best for 2017, Greg. And, as we say down here in Australia, may you keep spinning yarns for many years to come. Regards Julian

Re: Forge of God

Posted by Greg Bear on 01/05/2017

Thanks, Julian! And much joy with the new baby!

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