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Darwin's Radio and Children finally read

Posted by David Dorais on 10/03/2016

I have going thru my backlog of books I bought since 1995 but never got around to reading...What strikes me despite the near-future thriller aspect of the 2 books (frankly prefer his space opera gosh-wowers over the bio stuff), is the continued timeliness of much of he speculation almost 17 years later. And what is even scarier or just shows the skill of Greg is that many of the "predictions, media-wise and socially are still right on the money. Sadly due to to Trump and climate change et.al. etc. I am sadly reminded of the classic Heinlein short story "If This Goes On", and "Coventry", and Kornbluth's "The Marching Morons"...hoping I will live to see us get past all this crap, but again not holding my breath...

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