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Artificial Gravity

Posted by Eric on 09/21/2016

Hello, I came up with this idea some time ago while writing a book that I never finished but I still think the idea has merit. I just don't have the science or math background to verify that and the only physicist I know is unreachable. What I'm proposing is creating a super-dense and super-thin material in the shape of a sphere then covering that with material that would create a generational ship of sorts. It would obviously have to be constructed in space (probably outside the orbit of earth/moon) but it would allow for dirt to be put down and food to be grown as well as providing gravity for those in the ship. I'm not even sure if there is a material that would be suitable for such a venture but I thought you might know the answer. Having a material that thin and dense would obviously be a problem but I just don't know how much of a problem and I was hoping you might know. Is that feasible or even possible? Thanks, Eric PS If you need more info or have any questions about how I was thinking of using it in the book I was writing please feel free to ask.

Re: Artificial Gravity

Posted by A Culture Mind on 01/04/2017

See, Greg, this is what you get when you encourage the use of 'scifi'. Halo's gonna haunt you for a while on this one.....

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