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Quantum purge

Posted by Noel Ang on 08/29/2016

Hello, Greg. I hope you're doing well. I'm re-reading Killing Titan to prep for the next installment this winter. I'm curious about the idea of quantum purging that CWO Bueller concretizes: "'Downsun, you've been hanging with bad company since before you were born. Pasts that never were, futures that will never be. They slow you down. Those wheels will start the process of getting you clean.'" In Halo: Silentium, a seemingly related conception: "Travel across even a few light-years through a portal or jump requires mending breaches in causality. [Ships] create a buildup of space-time resistance, a polluting effect that gradually limits both transport and communication." Would you elaborate, or provide breadcrumbs to other work (fiction/hypotheses/research) that elaborates on this intriguing idea?

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