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Posted by Stuart Cowan on 07/04/2016

Hi Greg, Eon is still my favourite science fiction novel. The concept of using an asteroid like Juno which you use in the novel is one of the many concepts that make the story so interesting. Do you see this idea becoming a realistic proposition in the mid-term as the exploration of space progresses as opposed to construction of more traditional spacecraft? Kind regards, Stuart

Re: Eon

Posted by Greg Bear on 07/08/2016

Thanks, Stuart! Juno is definitely back in the news recently. Our knowledge of asteroids has improved much in recent years, and the feasibility of using one of these big rocks to hollow out and make into a spaceship depends on how the individual asteroid was formed, its integrity, and its current state of "intactitude" after collisions etc. If the asteroid is a lump of formerly molten metal and or rock, and reasonably solid, the engineering may remain a possibility.

Re: Eon

Posted by Stuart Cowan on 07/08/2016

Hi Greg, That's great, many thanks for taking the time to reply. Looking forward to developments as asteroid prospecting missions progress. Stuart

Re: Eon

Posted by Mark on 03/13/2017

Apologies if this has been asked a million times (probably), but who owns the film rights for Eon, and do you know if it's currently under development, in development hell etc? Many thanks.

Re: Eon

Posted by Greg Bear on 03/13/2017

EON is currently not under option.

Re: Eon

Posted by Peter Starr on 03/04/2018

Hi, Eon is my favourite novel by far as well, along with Eternity and The Forge of God. I was always hoping Eon would become a movie or mini series on TV. I hope you go back to writing novels like this again.

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