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Black hole renderings vis a vis INTERSTELLAR and KIP THORNE 2014
A Fictional History of Violence to Come 2014
Dinosaur Summer 2014
Interview: Science Book a Day 2014
Deep Sea Ancients 2014
Apollo Day 1 2013
APOPHIS and 2012 DA 14: GIANT (and not so-giant) METEOR IMPACTS 2013
Why I Love Mars 2012
Harry Harrison 2012
John Carter's Greatest Challenge 2012
Ray Bradbury 2012
Interview: Author Magazine 2011
Interview: Hull Zero Three Review and Interview 2011
Greg Bear Swordfights and Meets Aliens in Episode 26 of The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy 2010
Interview: Science Fiction and Other ODDysses 2010
Interview: StarShipSofa - Aural Delights No. 165 2010
Little Brother Is Watching (Future Tense) 2010
Kicky Baby Blog: Fake HD 2009
Kicky Baby Blog: Spooky Socks 2009
Kicky Baby Blog: Prison Time 2009
Kicky Baby Blog: J.G. Ballard 2009
All the Robots and Isaac Asimov 2004
Jeremiad: No More Cheap Thrills 2003
The New Biology 2002
Biospace 21 2001
An Open Proposal to the SF Community 2001
It's Hard to Make a Human 2001
Review: NATURE 2000
As the Zeros Roll Over 2000
SF at the New Millenium 1999
An Extended Vacation on Trantor 1999
Interview: A Conversation with Greg Bear 1999
Clone Wars! 1997
Special Libraries Association Conference Invitation 1997
Strikes and Spares 1996
Speech: Petaflops Conference 1995
The Machineries of Joy, Redux 1995
Radio Commentary: Apollo Year 25 1994
Radio Commentary: Rush Job 1994
A Seamless Future 1989
The Machineries of Joy 1984

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