Dinosaur Summer

Cover of Dinosaur Summer By Greg Bear
Warner, 1998
Note: Winner of the Endeavor Award



Scientists do the heavy lifting--and I’m always happy when they confirm my suspicions. Especially about dinosaurs! A recent issue of SCIENCE highlights the work of John M. Grady, Brian J. Enquist, Eva Dettweiler Robinson, Natalie A. Wright, and Felisa A. Smith, who through analysis of fossil vertebrates conclude that the old dichotomy of cold-blooded vs. warm-blooded doesn’t really apply to dinosaurs--who instead likely practiced “mesothermy.” [Continue Reading]

Endeavor Award!

Dinosaur Summer has won the ENDEAVOR award, a juried prize for the best novel of speculative fiction by Northwest author! It was given at OryCon on November 12, 1999.


Illustrations © 1998 Tony DiTerlizzi

Cover of Dinosaur Summer
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