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Topic: Forge of God

From: Jackie Smith
Location: Sale, England
Date: 05/20/2007

Hi Greg,

I've been a big fan of your books for many years and re-read them on a regular basis. Forge of God holds a special place in my heart as it's the first novel of yours i read and, i think, the best!

It's such a scary read because it's so real. Are they making a film out of it soon?

Re: Forge of God

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/28/2007

No way of knowing when they'll get around to it--but on a cosmo-geological scale, Hollywood can be relatively swift...

Re: Forge of God

From: patrick
Date: 05/28/2007

Not implying anything genderal, here, just commenting that my girlfriend, when I turned her on to it, had a very similar experience while reading THE FORGE OF GOD. Maybe it's the earth mother thing, I dunno, but I found it a fascinating perspective.

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