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Topic: Trancentental Experience and Sience

From: Rainer A. Schmitz
Location: Cologne, Germany
Date: 08/28/2006

Dear Mr. Bear,

I've just red your book "Darwin's Childern" (in German).
In your last words you mentioned your own trancentental experience and the problems science has with that. - I'm just writing a book I called "Bible 2000 - The Fusion of Religion and Science" (a former, more rational subtitle was "A Religion between Information Science and Physics", but a christian priest(!) gave it that new subtitle.;-) ).

If you're interested, you'll find an older shortened version at http://www.sunlight.de/B2000/ (incl. an engl. transl.) In the last weeks I wrote some new chapters connecting the ideas to quantum information, but up to now they are not yet shortened and translated.

Yours sincerely
Rainer A. Schmitz
Cologne, Germany

Re: Trancentental Experience and Sience

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/29/2006

I'll look up the posting, Rainer. Thanks.

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