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Topic: Symmetrical Bipolar Nebula

From: Graham Jacobs
Location: Sydney Australia
Date: 04/21/2007

Hi Greg

I have been a avid reader of your books for nearly 20 years. I only recently read the 'Anvil of God' and was fascinated by the concept of celestial engineering - this object recently discovered - although quite clearly evolved by natural forces did take my breath away http://www.keckobservatory.org/images/article_pictures/104_250_w150.jpg

It made me think - If you did want to say 'here we are' would this not be the best way to broadcast it. Keep up your wonderful writing

Re: Symmetrical Bipolar Nebula

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/23/2007

Thanks, Graham! A small pic, but very evocative.

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