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Topic: 2 (sort of) quick questions

From: Brenton
Location: australia
Date: 08/08/2014

hello mister bear my name is Brenton and i would like to ask you two small things 1 relating to 2 characters in your book silentium and the other if you might give me a little help with a story i am writing i will try to be brief. there was a life worker who was with the librarian when they discovered the other type of forerunners beyond there own galaxy and then she appeared again during the final chapters of the same book and the librarian asks her to get a ship (i think my i do have a great memory dont i) do you remember her name because my books i ordered so as to check are MIA in the mail and and the library has about 5 pre-orders on there copy and halo nation is no help and i think i am close to cracking the future halos story's. there was also a female forerunner warrior servant on requiem that the Liberian talked to and the warrior servant stayed on requiem to guard the didact but she was not there in halo 4 so i think she will play a part as well and again nation is no help uh name please? X(. well that was not short. ok now i am planning on one day publishing a science fiction book i am writing at the moment to counter attack my current depression now i have the story down in so much context (mainly because i like to live it in my head to avoid my depression) i could tell you how many times my sergal boyfriend would swish his tail and kiss me- *eyes widen with realization* uh would you mind forgetting that last bit? please? it's just putting it down in words i have trouble with if you know what i mean, i have the story its just writing it down. can you help? now i fear i have taken far to much of your time so i will take my leave good day mister bear.

Re: 2 (sort of) quick questions

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/10/2014

The two Lifeworkers on that journey are Chant-to-Green and Recalled-to-Light. Hope those were the names you were trying to remember! And good rising in the library queue!

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