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Topic: WOW!! Windy Burning Woman

From: John X. Staight
Location: United States
Date: 07/16/2014

Dear Greg Bear,

I just found your SF authorship.
Your literary work interests (excites) me.
Can't wait to read!

I read that you and others constructed a prequel to
The Foundation.

The basis of my view of life:

1. My Mom and her spirituality (Catholic).

2. Teilard de Chardin (The Phenomena of Man)

3. Heinlein and all his work (Most of his books are
a continuing exposition of "the wild yankee
=Science Fiction with strong theology. (or An articulate
Point-of-View). Woody W. Smith

4. The Foundation Trilogy. Psychohistory!

5. etc.

Will you attend Comic Con?
Speak to the public anytime!

My first SF = in Houston, 1962: Have Spacesuit W T! =
started my life long reading/thinking in a SF mode.

More later if...

Ira Howard

(friend of John X. Staight (moi), History Psycho Graduate UCSD)

Re: WOW!! Windy Burning Woman

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/10/2014

Cool list, Ira! Alas, we missed this year's Comic-Con, but I will be a guest of honor at Comic-Fest down in San Diego in mid-October. See you there?

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