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Topic: Questions about the Precursor and Prehistoric human civilization

From: Louis
Location: Berlin
Date: 07/04/2014

Dear Mr. Bear,

First of all I want to thank you for creating such an interesting universe for the Forerunner Empire.

After reading The Forerunner Saga I was confused about something. According to the book, Humanity's earliest known spacefaring ages were over 1,100,000 BCE, when they settled on numerous worlds along the galactic margin. But since it is around 10,000,000 BCE, that the Precursors announced their decision to the Forerunners: the Mantle responsibility for all things would fall on the shoulders of human, and the forerunners furiously retaliated against their creators and drove them to near-extinction. So can we calculate that Humanity were stranded on earth for nearly nine millions years? Personally, I think it costs so long time for Humanity to enter the spacefaring ages.

And my second question is, since the known history of the universe we are living in is around 14 billions years, how could the Precursors stored a hundred billion years' worth of knowledge in the domain Maybe the Precursors came from another universe, I wonder?

Thank you again for your beautiful creation in the halo universe.


Re: Questions about the Precursor and Prehistoric human civilization

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/10/2014

All good questions, Louis! But I've actually offloaded a lot of the dates and numbers as I work on new novels, and so I may be as befuddled as you are. As for how long the universe has existed... remember, the current numbers are just that. Current. Less than a century ago we thought the universe had to be younger than tens of millions of years old!

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