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Topic: young author seeks help with a star wars book

From: Corey Burrell
Location: new hampshire
Date: 06/29/2014

Hello Greg, my name is Corey Burrell I am 17 years old from New Hampshire with a hearing disability ( I wear a cochlear implant and a hearing aid.) You see I already have written my first book called Never Misjudge. A book about my experience with bullying. You see I was curious if you could possibly help me with a Star Wars book that I am writing. Unfortunately I don't have a literary agent so when I finish it I can't submit it to Random House Publishing. So I was wondering if you could possibly check what I have so far. Also maybe you can be my co-author and maybe make some changes or if needed to add more details to any of the pages. Let me know what you think. :)


Corey Burrell


Re: young author seeks help with a star wars book

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/29/2014

Hello, Corey! First, congrats on finishing the novel. Always an accomplishment. However, I have no contacts at Random House or with the new regime at Star Wars. If they're still publishing STAR WARS books (I haven't checked) they typically assign them to their own stables of authors and won't look at outside submissions even through an agent. Best idea: keep writing, come up with completely original ideas, and write your own novel! You can then market with a free hand. Good luck! Greg

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