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Topic: Questions regarding Silentium

From: Gerasimos Tzivras
Location: Greece
Date: 06/29/2014

Dear Mr. Bear,
Having joined a debate at www.haloarchive.com about the Origins of Humanity, certain Forerunners surving and Faber's fate I would like to ask you some questions.
My First Question would be about the Builders. Have any Builders survived the activation of the Halo Array? Is it possible, for instance, that Maker-Of-Moons could be floating in space inside a stasis bubble? Could some other Builders, like Bornstellar's father, have survived in shield worlds? In Halo Wars some Flood had infected an entire Shield World and are now roaming free onboard a human ship. So couldn't some Builders or Miners have done the same?
The battle of the Greater Ark is also intriguing. Had there been evacuation attempts during the Flood onslaught? Is it thus possible that the Master Juridical could have escaped? I am asking this because in a recent ARG on waypoint, an entity known as Catalogue is accessing the Juridical network and delivering information about the current era, while often refering to Builder Security and
the Master Juridical. During the fight on the Greater Ark, the most iconic character of the Builder rate, Faber, was last seen. Is he dead or is his fate left undecided? If he died is it possible that he was infected by the Flood, since the parasite must have somehow found where the Lesser Ark was located. The reason why I am insisting a lot on this battle is becuase Offensive Bias survived and somehow ended up on the Ark. He could not, have found out where it was since Bornstellar was surprised to see him alive. The only other person that knew were the hidden Ark was, was Faber who appears to have fallen to his death. Of course that does not rule out the possibility of someone recovering the coordinates from Faber's corpse.
Finally, comes humanity. I would like to know whehter the following post of mine is close to what you had in mind when writing the Saga. The following theory is based on the Gravemind saying that the Mantle was inteded to be given to those that are now called humans, indicating that another species from 10 million BCE evolvedn into humanity. Here is the post:

"Humanity would not be the same after 10 million years. What I see happening is the Precursors using Forerunner DNA to accelerate the evolution of primates on Earth. Humans first appeared in 4-6 million BCE. Also we got the ability to use tools at least 1.2 million years ago. The Domain could have assisted the humans by making it appear as ideas of scientific achievents were their own. It did something like that to Bornstellar in Cryptum. Also the Forerunners were not able to see Precursor records and the records of other previously tested species in the Domain. They were not even able to see the records that their own warriors had seeled in the Domain. This theory puts the Mantle unreclaimed for 10 million years. That's not a problem because no one reclaimed the mantle in almost 12+ billion years and the Precursors are 100 billion years old. So 10 million years is nothing compared to the rest. Humanity also having various forms is a product of evolution. The best forms would survive the rest would go extinct like they did later on. It could also be a way of testing if the Mantle is to be reclaimed by not one but many species. The easiest way to do this is by making these species genetically related so that they have a lot in common once they develop a civilisation. It's definitely way easier than having to test if the mantle can be reclaimed by both Lekgolo, Yanme'e and Sangheili at the same time."
Thank you very much for your time Mr. Bear and I hope you can answer some of these questions (especially those about Maker-of-Moons and the Master Juridical :D). For the moment Silentium is my favourite book, but John Shirley's Halo: Broken Circle might change that! I am also looking Forward to War Dogs!
With deep respect,

Re: Questions regarding Silentium

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/10/2014

Very cool to see such creative thinking going on! I will not step in and firm up one hypothesis or idea over another--I think the process by itself is wonderful, as are the questions and the new ideas. Have fun!

Re: Questions regarding Silentium

From: Gerasimos Tzivras
Location: Greece
Date: 08/11/2014

Hi Mr. Bear I wanted you to know that Catalog has released info about the fate of Maker-of-Moons. I wished she had survived though :(


Query:What is the current status of Maker-of-Moons [priority]?

Query Answer: Archived Secunda [provincial police magistrates] records indicate active cases regarding [ERR, REGRESS][data integrity failure]. Status updated by Builder authorities to [high probability KIA] in [Uthera Midgeerrd] system. Potential recovery options excluded due to [sector] designation: Burn.

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