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Topic: Path Kethona

From: RyanDS
Location: United States
Date: 06/25/2014

Mr. Bear, a quick question about Halo: Silentium (loved the book by the way)

Why exactly did Faber fire his Halo at Path Kethona as the Flood/Mendicant Bias closed in? I realize they needed to clear a path for the IsoDidact to escape to the other Ark, but why kill Path Kethona specifically? Was it in case the Flood had any reserves there?

Thanks for any clarification

Re: Path Kethona

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/10/2014

Thanks, Ryan!

Path Kethona was the origin of the Flood, as I recall my ancient history. And there might have been a desire to wipe out those uncomfortable records.

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