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Topic: Ancient Humanity compared to "modern" humanity

From: Adam
Location: North Carolina
Date: 06/11/2014

Dear Mr. Bear,

First and foremost I'd like to say, as an avid Halo fanatic since I was 10 years old (now 22), you got everything right in the Forerunner Saga. The Forerunners and their history fell together perfectly in all three of your novels, I enjoyed reading them many times more than once. But as much as I was enlightened to learn about their past, ancient humanity interested me far far more.

I know in Cryptum when observing Ancient Humanity's technology on Charrum Hakkor, it was described as equal to Forerunner tech but "less sophisticated". If the humans hadn't sacrificed a third of their population, been weary from the initial flood war, and simultaneously had been fighting the Forerunners - would they have had an actual chance? I know even after all of this, albeit with the help of Precursor technology - they were still able to hold the Forerunner forces off for 50 years.

Their ultimate fall from grace saddens me. The Forerunners took away their pride, their history, and regressed them so far back that it made extinction look like a much better fate. I can only hope that a faction of ancient humans had to have been lucky, avoided the "Great Regression". Were any able to escape the galaxy similar to Bornstellar in Silentium? Knowing humanity, even the ancient humans must have had secret operations like ONI. Were there any failsafes, last ditch efforts to escape in their very real possibility of extinction? Or was Charrum Hakkor truly ancient humanity's last stand and these idealistic hopes is pushing it?

Much admiration,

Re: Ancient Humanity compared to

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/25/2014

Thanks for your thoughts and support, Adam! Helping 343 explore this history was a terrific experience for me and for my son, Erik, who guided me through the games. As for whether there are more stories to tell--undoubtedly! And these are cool ideas. I'll be exploring my own universes for a while, beginning with WAR DOGS from Orbit and Gollancz in October, but along the way, will also look forward to further HALO fictions from other talents!

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