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Topic: Mary Choy and a journey into the darkside

From: Stephen P
Location: UK
Date: 04/03/2007

Hi Greg

I think the Mary Choy novels and Moving Mars are probably my favourite books of yours (though I tend to feel that way after everyone I read). I am hoping Slant is not the last we will see of Mary. I think her character is very well developed and the period is a turbulent one with the rise of Thinker/Human and dataflow culture. I would like to see more on how the "alliance of alliances" (i.e. merged minds in control) develop prior to Heads and Moving Mars and it also occurs to me that it would be interesting to see how the Earth post Moving Mars develops. There are hints in the 2 Forge novels about the sort of culture that produces Killer probes and my guess is that this particular Earth may be heading that way - I would truly enjoy a novel exploring such a culture and the levels of totalitarianism that would be required to create such probes - I suspect it would be nothing like the crude stereotypes we have of a totalitarian society and would probably not even appear to be totalitarian to most of it's members - just as Frog was not aware of the killers hiding within Sleep - there would be many levels of duplicity and seduction. Just a thought :)

Re: Mary Choy and a journey into the darkside

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/03/2007

Very interesting thoughts. Perhaps we're already there--and don't know it?

Re: Mary Choy and a journey into the darkside

From: Steven Becker
Location: San Jose
Date: 04/09/2007

What a really fascinating exploration this would be. Darker than Mr. Bear's material, generally, but wow!

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