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Topic: What is your opinion on Post-Modernism in Lit.?

From: Benjamin Browning
Location: United States
Date: 05/04/2014

What is your opinion on Post-Modernism in Literature? I am going a report on you for my English 10B (American Lit.) course in college. I would like to ask you on your opinion of it, since you are in the era, we all are, actually.

I met you at a book signing in SD three years ago for Halo: Primoridium. I still remember all that you have told me about writing. It helped me become a published writer. Thank you.

Ben A. Browning

Re: What is your opinion on Post-Modernism in Lit.?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/09/2014

Good to hear from you, Benjamin! And congrats on getting published! I've never been very aware of or connected with post-modernism. As far as I know, we've been "modern" for several hundred years, and are likely to continue to be modern for another few hundred, except when we become too old to be modern, in which case we pass the torch along to our contemporaries.

And of course at some point the future will kick in (which it already has for me, many times!) but not Futurism, per se.

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