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Topic: Sense of Humor

From: Ted Nelson
Location: Gold Bar Washington
Date: 05/04/2014

The last time I met you was at a UW book signing. It was Halo Crympton I think. In any case, I reminded you from other singings that I needed patience, I was hard of hearing and most often could not hear at all. You had some fun with that. You wadded up some papers making a spout, and put them up to your ear. We all laughed. I asked some dumb question, and mentioned my grandson who I call LiL Elmer who I have started collecting for. By the way, he just started T-ball. Well Greg, I soon discovered that people are not born knowing how to play baseball, and think a mitt works best on top of the head. Oh yea, back to books. The storyline for "War Dogs" is especially exciting for me and my Lil Elmer, and we were wondering (well ok I was wondering, he was too busy jumping on his mitt), if there is some way I can get a "special copy" to help with my hearing problem. Maybe a signed limited edition or something kind of unique for the little guy? If not, it's ok. I am looking forward though very much.

Ted Nelson

Re: Sense of Humor

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/09/2014

Hello, Ted! Good to hear from you. WAR DOGS is due to be published in October, and I'd be very surprised if there isn't an edition prepared for the deaf and hard of hearing. Let me know if you can't get one through the local library, and I'll do some more research.

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