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Topic: Technophobia in Blood Music

From: Sean Moniz-McMahon
Location: Boston University
Date: 04/08/2014

Hello Mr. Bear,

As part of my course at Boston University(Readings in Science Fiction: More or less than human?) I have just finished reading your novel Blood Music in part of a series of three novels the professor believed embodied the theme of the class (Wells' Island of Doctor Moreau and Sturgeon's More Than Human and finally your own novel) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As part of my final paper for the class, I have decided to look into the historical period Blood Music was written in and, through a bit of research, see the upward trend of the popularity of Technophobia since the Industrial age and especially during the 1980s with the Terminator films. I'm not sure if this was your intention, but to me, the novel felt not a warning like many other novelists and directors portrayed technology in the 80's, but almost an acceptance of this technologically induced evolution. It seems you focus on the ego-centrism of humanity in such a way that you're accepting this technological evolution through the means of altering what humanity itself really means.

Whether or not this was your intention, I wanted to state once more how much I personally enjoyed reading your novel and discussing it with my fellow students.

Re: Technophobia in Blood Music

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/15/2014

Thanks for writing, Sean! I've heard from another of your classmates. Sounds like a terrific class. Rather than focusing on technology/technophobia, BLOOD MUSIC for me was more about puberty/growing up--the biological impetus of change that we all go through. What happens, and how do we respond, when our bodies force change upon us? And what happens if evolution happens all at once?

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