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Topic: You're the greatest!!

From: Linda Hopkins
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Date: 03/27/2007

I love your writing and have read most of it, my favourite being Moving Mars and Eon though your short stories are some real gems. You seem to be a kind and sensitive man given your insights of people seen in your writings and your imagination is to me the best I have yet to experience short of my own. I look forward to your next book especially if it has a space theme and not so much a medical one. I am a middle aged female and you make me forget my problems when I read your stories and as you seem to have such a good view of women I feel better being one as there are some who tend to not see that no matter the sex great minds, will, experience and creativity may be present. I especially enjoyed your comments in your collection of short stories on your own writing process...you have blessed us with your mind and ability.

Re: You're the greatest!!

From: Greg Bear
Date: 03/28/2007

Many thanks, Linda. I'm not sure CITY AT THE END OF TIME can be considered a space travel novel--though there is a pretty spectacular voyage buried in it--but there's little in the way of heavy-duty biological theory. Crackpot physics and weird philosophy, definitely!

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