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From: MilanPavlovic
Location: Serbia,Europa
Date: 12/08/2013

Hello,I am Milan Pavlovic,from Serbia.I read your books,but I send my oppinion about book Eon.It was very good book and read in 1993/94.Other books Eternity,Moving Mars..did not follow idea in book Eon.Why ?
You are best reader in SF ,but in Serbia your books did not sell in Books shops,why?
I bought 5 books in books shops in serbian language,but you wrote 25 books in english and I did not bought in Serbia.
your reader
Milan Pavlovic

Re: contact

From: Greg Bear
Date: 12/08/2013

Hello, Milan!

Thanks for writing and for your kind words! Back in the 1980s, most of my novels were sold in the former Yugoslavia under the bundle of Serbo-Croation rights. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the breakup of Yugoslavia, rights were sold separately--but not as many of my books were published in Serbia and Croatia during those difficult times. ETERNITY of course is a sequel to EON, but perhaps you did not hear of LEGACY, which is a prequel?


From: paula aeryn sun
Location: simi
Date: 12/15/2013

Hi. I have been thinking of a series for moving Mars for a long time now, but I just reread Songs of Earth and Power. And i am kind of stuck. I really like your first books - they flow well. Its just every book I read I imagine acted out. Good ones anyhow. I am not one to write to famos folks, but after Nelson died- all bets are off. I will write to you folks, and maybe you might care what I think. Moving Mars is a 4 season show, and Songs of Earth and Power is an 8 . Season 8 involves riverine hands helping during a race down the Colorado river, and also in the Iditarod .Please reply if this piques your interest. I will keep reading your books, and thank you for writing them.


From: Greg Bear
Date: 12/16/2013

Thanks, Paula. SONGS and MOVING MARS are quite a stretch for any TV series!

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