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Topic: Your Book is shortlisted for the German Bookaward Leserpreis die besten Buecher 2013"

From: Ramona Boehm
Location: Germany
Date: 11/21/2013

Dear Greg,

for the fifth time already, we would like to honour the authors of the best books this year, which struck, entertained or impressed our readers the most whilst reading. We are excited that the so-called "Leserpreis" is as successful as the previous years since it is the biggest people's choice book award in the German-speaking region. More than 15,000 readers had the opportunity to nominate over 4,000 books and authors amongst 15 different categories. Until yesterday, the readers could choose their favourite books for the Leserpreis 2013.

Hereby, we would like to heartily congratulate you: Your book ᅣon (Eon) was chosen most often by the readers and therefore made it to the shortlist in the category Science Fiction. In each category there are now 35 books available for choice. As of today you can see the shortlist on the following website:

Now the important phase starts: readers can vote for their favourite books until November 28th. On Friday, November 29th, the Leserpreis in Gold, Silver and Bronze will be awarded.
If you like to call your readers' attention to your nomination and the voting, please link to this website:

We have also come up with something special this year - we want to find out how the readers' favourite authors of the year started writing! We and the reades would be very happy, if you would like to participate. Please write us back and we'll tell you how it all works.

Well keep our fingers crossed!

Best wishes,
Ramona from the LovelyBooks Team

Re: Your Book is shortlisted for the German Bookaward Leserpreis die besten Buecher 2013

From: Greg Bear
Date: 11/21/2013

Very good, Ramona--

Sounds like a lively competition! I began writing when I was eight years old, and haven't stopped since. My first manuscript was ruled school notebook paper stapled into a hand-illustrated manila folder. Shortly thereafter, I inherited my parents' Olympia portable typewriter--and used it until I purchased an electric typewriter in the mid-seventies!

Greg Bear

Re: Your Book is shortlisted for the German Bookaward

From: Roald Laurenson
Location: in view of the Coronado Islands
Date: 11/27/2013

Ramona, sehr gut zu lernen auf dieser Leserpreis...

Ich habe heute Abend abgestimmt!

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