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Topic: Beginning of a new halo saga

From: Serojeddinov Amir
Location: Russian federation
Date: 10/21/2013


First of all, I'd like to thank you for your unbelievable work on the forerunner saga. I've read a lot of Sci-fi but the forerunner saga has been the most awe inspiring, it was not only fun, it was really sad as well, looking at the desperation of a mighty empire.

I know that you are working on your own new saga, and I'm definitely going to read it, especially after the emotions I have received from the forerunner saga. But as a debater on an online forum, and a personal fan of your work aswell as a big fan of halo, I would like to ask you, if 343i by any chance would start a new forerunner saga, and asked you to write it, would you agree ?

Thank you for taking your time reading my message.

Re: Beginning of a new halo saga

From: Greg Bear
Date: 10/21/2013

Hello, Serojeddinov!

Thanks for your kind words. It's going to take me a couple of years to finish this trilogy, and I have other projects planned thereafter. HALO is already way out front of where it was when I wrote my novels! I look forward to seeing how the Halo universe moves forward. It's been terrific interacting with both the fans and 343.

Re: Beginning of a new halo saga

From: Gray Area
Date: 10/24/2013

Them some damn good-ta-hea words!

I haven't found much to read that interests me lately, so I'm looking forward to these things you mentioned, Greg.

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