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Topic: Film adaptations

From: horton jupiter
Location: London, earth
Date: 09/30/2013

I just read in the 2009 footnotes of Mariposa that The Forge Of God & Anvil Of Stars were to be made into films. Are these still happening? I was beginnning to think that you had a point blank text only policy to film adaptations, as I can't think of a single title that wouldn't make an incredible film! ?Have the rights to any of your other books been bought up for potential film adaptations?

love, light, and peace - horton :)

Re: Film adaptations

From: Greg Bear
Date: 10/24/2013

Still in the works, horton.

Re: Film adaptations

From: Gray Area
Date: 10/26/2013

I was actually coming to talk about this:

It'll be a while before I see Ender's Game (home theatre, beau!), and that I'm betting it will have a lot of sensational nonsense like I, Robot did, I've come to the idea that it'll be a while if ever for something like The Forge of God.

Why? Well, two simple things: there's been a lot of stupid-ass cataclysm movies already, and I can't see a major american audience reception to the planet being totally KO'd, and having to bail because of it. You know, 'we don't retreat'.

And movies made in america are still highly dependent on american audience turn-out. ((I know, I don't even go....but that's another story....))

Re: Film adaptations

From: Angela Prettie
Location: Kelowna
Date: 12/09/2013

I'm already there and have bought tickets to your movies.

You know I will always wish for Hardfought to be made into a movie.

It can be done now.

The Medusa nebula will never be the same......

Re: Film adaptations

From: Greg Bear
Date: 12/16/2013

No one's picked up on the challenge of HARDFOUGHT! Thanks, Angela.

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