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Topic: Halo cryptum and silentium

From: Diana Dominguez
Location: San Diego, California
Date: 09/13/2013

Hello Mr. Bear:

First I would like to thank you for your amazing work on the forerunner trilogy. I read your trilogy and... my god, I can't decide which one is my favorite... maybe Cryptum because it was like the first taste.

I am writing you because I sometimes got confused in Cryptum about Bornstellar's height during the first book. Are you allowed to clarify that? I believe he was taller than Riser at first... then, I got lost. It is described that he look bigger after the mutation and that he even believed his hands look bigger. He continued mutating and growing during his return to his parents too.

Another question, in silentium, were the two Didacts wearing the armor from the first game campaign or the armor from the terminals? If you are not allowed to tell, I understand.

Thank you for your tim and keep up the good work.

Diana D.

Re: Halo cryptum and silentium

From: Greg Bear
Date: 10/01/2013

The Ur-Didact was wearing the armor he recovered or received in CRYPTUM. The Bornstellar Didact was no doubt equipped with another suit appropriate to his changed status.

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