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Topic: Hull Zero Three - The ship design

From: Rob Steen
Location: Ireland
Date: 08/02/2013

Hello Mr. Bear,

I just finished reading Hull Zero Three and found it to be a very thought provoking read. The thought that humanity could ever create a ship that would actively destroy an intelligent species is frightening - even if we don't know the full reasons why the ship was launched.

Throughout the book I found your descriptions of the ship to be very 'real' and knowing your artistic abilities did you at any point sketch or draw a design of the ship to use to help visualize it? Is this something you have ever done in your other books and would you consider releasing the drawings if so?

Thank you, again, for all your books as ever this one has left me thinking about all the possibilities for our futures.

Best regards,

Re: Hull Zero Three - The ship design

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/02/2013

Thanks for your very kind words, Rob. I did draw rough sketches of the HULL ZERO THREE ship (not to scale) just to make sure I understood the layout and kept it consistent in the text. Most of the "sketches" for this ship and for the vessels in books such as EON and ANVIL OF STARS are similarly rough; the finished versions exist only in my head. Which is why it is so gratifying to find artists perfectly capturing what I see in my head, as Jim Burns did for his cover for EON, and so many artists did for the CGSociety Eon Challenge. Must be ESP!

Re: Hull Zero Three - The ship design

From: Gray Area
Date: 08/23/2013

Um, you mean for Tangents, right? That cover was BAD ASS.

Re: Hull Zero Three - The ship design

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/05/2013

Indeed, the U.S. cover for TANGENTS was borrowed from the UK cover for EON...

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