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Topic: Is the Forerunner universe gone forever?

From: Isaiah Swoboda
Location: St Louis
Date: 07/22/2013

Last night at around 3 am I finished Silentium, your conclusion to the Forerunner Saga. I have read many series and like most readers I always feel a sense of loss and sadness when the realization hits that the series is over. It is generated by the knowledge that the world I had imagined throughout the series is at an end. Never again will I feel that sense of wonder and discovery of reading it for the first time. Yes, rereading a series holds much enjoyment but nothing can recreate the wonderful first read of a series. The Forerunner Saga was anything but the norm. From the first book I loved the world you created, I had no trouble visualizing it. It was awe inspiring! The complexity of the Forerunners, the immense display of technology and power, the beauty of living by a universal code, the Mantle. I was enamored by all of it,completely. I would read and think for days what it would be like to live for a thousand years, never sleeping. That might seem like a nightmare to some, but the world you created was endless! I felt like there was so much to discover, to learn, and do! Honestly, it made me wish I lived in a later millennium so that at least a fraction of what you had created would be possible. Alas, I do not...and now the Saga has ended and there is nothing to quench my thirst for more.

So now I have to know Mr. Greg Bear. Is the Forerunner universe gone forever from the shelves of Science Fiction? Will there be no more new chapters in the beautiful, amazing world you created?

I secretly hope that there is more to come. I tell myself that with the complexity you wrote into the Forerunner Universe. The philosophies, worlds, species, places and names...that there is more to come. Please let this hope be true. Let another Saga be born. Tell me about the times of the human-forerunner war, the creation of the Forerunners, humanity, anything! It is a world too great to be laid to rest. Breathe more life into it...let my hope be true. If I am wrong and it truly is over then...I am deeply saddened but I understand.

Re: Is the Forerunner universe gone forever?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/31/2013

Many thanks, Isaiah! I'm sure there will be other Forerunner volumes in the works, but after thoroughly enjoying the experience of working with the 343 team, I'm now back on a trilogy of my own--which I hope will prove as entertaining. The first volume of the new original series is tentatively titled WAR DOGS, and it's almost finished in rough draft.

Re: Is the Forerunner universe gone forever?

From: Diego Klein´┐╝bing Pons
Location: Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul
Date: 10/01/2013

I had read that at the end of second book halo primordium, the guilty spark, have found the localization of the library, after 100.00 years of search. but at the third book, silentium, after the monitor lost his memory, the saga had stopped. What comes now? a new book with the chakas and the library having a meeting after 100.000 years? and the iso dictata? too many questions had been left behind without explanations. Please, i'd like to know if the history will continues.

Thanks. and congratulations for given to us this very good moments of read.

Re: Is the Forerunner universe gone forever?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 10/01/2013

Hello, Diego--

All of that is now in the capable hands of 343! I look forward to their ongoing explorations of the entire HALO universe. And thanks for your questions and comments.

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