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Topic: next forerunner book

From: cory
Location: louisville kentucky
Date: 07/22/2013

I think we all would like to know when the next book in the forerunner saga is going to be released. we the readers want to know what happend to the ship guilty spark 343 took captive, where the librarian is hiding and what happend to both didacts

Re: next forerunner book

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/31/2013

Hello, Cory! The third book is SILENTIUM and it's now out in hardback. As for what happened to a particular Didact, check out HALO 4!

Re: next forerunner book

From: Raymond Mc Donagh
Location: London UK
Date: 08/07/2013

Hi Mr Bear, I have played Halo 4 and all Spartan Ops extra content. But I have to admit, I too would like to know what happens next to Chakas/343 Guilty Spark. And the ship & crew the Monitor hijacked to find the Librarian. Besides, the fate of the Ur Didact in the Halo4 Game is uncertain, we see him defeated by the Master Chief and apparently fall to his doom. But as they say "no body - no proof". So I truly hope there is a book resolving 343Guilty Spark and the Librarian's situation.
With great Respect to you Sir

Re: next forerunner book

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/05/2013

Thanks, Raymond! The tale is now back in the very capable hands of 343, and I look forward myself to future revelations.

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