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Topic: The Ice Pit approaches...

From: Roald Laurenson
Location: near the gentle season seas
Date: 07/02/2013

Hello Greg, and thought you might appreciate this, which seems to be somewhere in a never-never-land between theory and praxis, but with at least a journalistic interpretation of being real all the same:


Linked on the page you can find an article also about an Enron data set which is putting us well on the trail to worlds of dataflow and which Jones of Mariposa would deal with, if that is not already enough in the headlines.

Mainly, though, Greg, I am just smiling every time I hear a tidbit about your new trilogy-in-making. I will be very much interested in the new approach you've mentioned is developing for it. Thoughts with appreciation ;)

Take care, and I presume you're finding much to enjoy in a fresh path. Perhaps I am turning a corner on one myself, and perhaps it comes as much as anything from reading a recovered edition of Solzhenitsyn's ;) There is evidently more that connects America and Russia than we know...


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