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Topic: The Biological Domain and Gaia

From: DecepticonCobra
Location: California
Date: 06/18/2013

Dear Mr. Bear,

First off, congratulations are in order for Halo: Silentium. It is my second favorite Halo novel, my apologies but First Strike still holds a special place in my heart. But Silentium really fleshed out the Halo universe is ways I didn't think possible and kept me guessing the whole way through.

More to the point, however. Were you inspired by Isaac Asimov's Gaia planetary super-consciousnesses when crafting the Domain in the Forerunner Saga, more specifically the organic Domain found on Path Kethona? Reading Foundation and Earth, I personally see a lot of similarities, memories being kept in the minds of sentient beings, microorganisms and nature itself.

I know you wrote for the Foundation series yourself, so I am genuinely curious.

Thank you,


Re: The Biological Domain and Gaia

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/18/2013

I believe Isaac, like me, spun off his notions of Gaia from the core idea discussed early on by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis--well worth going back to look at their ideas and influence. As for the Domain, it's a little more metaphysical even than Gaia!

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