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Topic: A fantastic journey, not to be forgotten

From: Mike
Location: Vancouver, BC
Date: 06/10/2013

Dear Greg,

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on the Forerunner trilogy. I didn't think anyone would be able to surpass Nylund in Halo lore but you sure have. Although it's hard scifi vs. soft, I felt your trilogy was the most engrossing of any I have read and gave me goosebumps multiple times. By the end of Silentium I just had to sit and think for a while.

What masterful storytelling--the concepts you brought to life are invaluable contributions to a great universe. The Organon/Domain, the concept of geas and imprinting, neuro-genetic programming, the relativistic nature of the passage of time (in Forerunner terms, being able to age to the thousands of years), the multidimensional combat tactics and world/life-building... somehow you were able to overcome the paradox of describing a singularity. The way you describe Forerunner society and thinking truly resonated with me, living currently in what some may call an emerging "post-humanist" technocratic society.

Silentium isn't just the best Halo book or the best scifi I've read, it's one of the best works of literature I've had the pleasure of reading--period. You truly brought life and sophistication to Halo. One might say you inherited the Mantle quite well. I can't wait to dive into Forge of God and the EON series too.

If there was just one thing I could ask, it's about the Domain--exactly how it works across time and space, communicates with ancillas, Haruspis' role, how it interacts with the Juridical network and works throughout the ecumene. I thought the molds in Path Kethona gave some insight to this but I was curious for a more in-depth explanation, if that's even possible.

Also--coming from someone who probably won't be able to make the trips down to Seattle or CA--is there any chance of a mail-in signing? I'd love to have your signature on the 3 covers.

Again, thank you so much for such profound and sublime storytelling. I believe I'll be revisiting Bornstellar and Chakas many times over the years.


Re: A fantastic journey, not to be forgotten

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/17/2013

High praise indeed! Thanks, Mike. The Domain's nature is left open for future development by the Halo team, should they so choose.

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