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Topic: Loved City at the End of Time!!! and Thanks!!!

From: David
Location: Minnesota
Date: 05/24/2013


I really enjoyed reading City at the End of Time. Far future sci-fi is a great passion of mine and this is one of my favorites (along with some of Olaf Stapledon's works). I must admit I had to read this book twice to even begin to understand the complexities. I think I have a handle on it, but would like a clarification to help me understand more.

It has to do with the sum-runners...so Ishanaxade ("daughter" of Polybiblios and wife of Sangmer) sent the sum-runners back to the beginning of time, waiting for the fates to be cut and/or coalesce (near Terminus) and the sum-runners to come together. Following the connection of the sum-runners to the box that the epitome of the Librarian gave to Jebrassy, this is what ends time? or begins a new universe? So the sum-runners are sort of a key (or a Babel with all possible fates)?

In any case, thanks for the great read!!


Re: Loved City at the End of Time!!! and Thanks!!!

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/17/2013

Sounds like you have a solid view of the function of the sum-runners! Thanks, David.

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