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Topic: Nature of the Logic Plague

From: Sean Meade
Location: United States
Date: 05/24/2013

It seems a little vague as to what it does exactly? Is it more than a simple machine code? You have Catalog become infected with the Gravemind's corruption and it then transmits a digital form of the Flood through it's speech. People also seem to be confused about how it affected Mendicant Bias. The Book describes him as the first victim, but he made a choice to join the Flood. Is the Logic Plague the conversation that allowed him to make that choice? Librarian calls it a philosophical corruption, so I assume you meant to to be both?

So my question is, is the Logic Plague simply the Forerunner term for the fact that the Gravemind can corrupt anything it has a discussion/contact with? Can it affect organics? Catalog is part organic. The Didact is clearly subverted. Faber also seems to be twisted into playing against the Forerunner in his own way. Belief in the cure leads to Civil War.

Hopefully this isn't too vague of a question. But many people seem to dumb it down as an A.I. hack. Whereas I view it as the ability for the Gravemind to corrupt all intelligence towards its own ends.

Re: Nature of the Logic Plague

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/17/2013

Cool questions, Sean! But I think you've nicely provided the answers in the questions themselves. The nature of conversation and "knowledge" can be predatory as well as cooperative, no?

Re: Nature of the Logic Plague

From: Sean Meade
Location: United States
Date: 06/18/2013

Thank you for your response! I guess the old adage holds true when it comes to the Gravemind, "Curiosity kills the cat."

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