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Topic: The Master Builder

From: Ryan S.
Location: Seattle
Date: 05/20/2013

Dear Mr. Bear,

Let me just start off by saying I greatly enjoyed your Forerunner trilogy, and now plan on purchasing either Forge of God or Darwin's Radio to continue my sci-fi bender. But I have a question (or several connected questions, rather) concerning the Master Builder in Silentium.

When he is testifying to Catalog, Faber claims that he has been actively fighting the Flood. Catalog concedes this, but claims he was giving badly quarantined ships to Warrior-Servants and that his losses to the Flood were much heavier than usual. The implication seemed to be that Builder Security under Faber was deliberately wiping out Warrior-Servant crews, and that Faber was an incompetent commander. The first accusation I could understand, since Faber was quite a power-hungry villain before his change of heart at the Ark. But how do you mesh these heavy losses with his proven reputation as a cunning strategist? Is there something I'm missing?

And does this tie in to why he decided to rescue the Ur-Didact?

Re: The Master Builder

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/17/2013

Faber is a very mixed character, no? He's both corrupt and powerful, but not utterly beyond redemption. And when he turns out to have been correct on a number of issues, he handles it rather well, for being such a bastard!

Re: The Master Builder

From: Gerasimos Tzivras
Location: Greece
Date: 06/17/2013

Dear Mr. Bear,
I would like to tell you that the Master Builder is (at least for me) the guy who stole the show in Halo: Silentium. I would also like to thank you for handling his personallity excellentely, in a way that justifys him been a person of infinite complexity. Every time that he appears it is like he is behaving like another person which although respects the very single priciple upon which he was created.
Aside from that I would like to ask you a few questions about him and the Builders.
1. Is it possible for him to have survived the battle of the Greater Ark like the Isodidact did? I mean if the ring was destroyed pretty fast it would stop rotating thus not generating gravity. So Faber and the other commanders would not crashland.
2. Is there a possibility that at least one of his children survived and was not absorbed by the flood (, judging by the fact that he had many wives)?
3.Could also other Forerunners, especially Builders have survived into a shield world? I mean we do not know what happened to strategos and the grammarian. They could have saved some forerunners if they knew the location of at least one shield world?
4. Was he entirely your creation or did 343 provide the title Master Builder for you, like the librarian or the Ur-Didact (perhaps?)?
5. Did he want to wipe out the Warrior servants because of personal issues or was it connected to them killing the precursors?
6. Finally I would like to ask your permission about writting a fan-fic about him after the battle of the greater ark, which I would like to include a few quotes from halo silentium?

Coming to a close, I would like to thank you for your amazing work on the forerunner Saga. It was an unforgettable read. Cyptum was awe, Primordium was the "book of madness" :) ,but Silentium was beyond anything I have ever read (even compared to ancient greek tragedies -I am not overreacting-). Not only did it make me care for all characters, but also has and will continue to have a long effect on me. The story is a merciless slaughter from the begging to the end. It has emotion, action, mystery, drama/tragedy and it made me think about such situations for months. Finally it is cleverly written and when I read it and played the Covenant trilogy again i saw a different meaning in everything, without it replacing my old interpretation of the lore.
I really want to go deeper into your other sci-fi novels, but until I get my hand on another of your books I wish you the best.

PS: I would like to apologise for bombarding you with so many questions and bring things out so fast, but I am really suoer excited about the Forerunner Saga. Keep up the good work.

Re: The Master Builder

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/17/2013

Very kind words indeed! I have to leave these excellent questions to the real Master Builders at 343... I'm sure they have ideas of their own they wish to explore. And I look forward to XBox 1 and Halo 5!

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