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Topic: Second Trilogy Saga?

From: Warren Cotten
Location: Canada
Date: 04/30/2013

Hello Mr. Bear!
Love the Forerunner Saga!
Really caught up in the history of the story -
Would you ever write another book/s possibly about the centuries before where the Ancient Humans and Forerunners fought and where the Forerunners fought the primordials? Would be really cool to learn more about ancient humans and there technology...maybe have The Lord of Admirals make an appearance near the end to tie it back into the Foreunner Saga...? Maybe learn more about the time lock as well as the ship the humans found with the powder...?

Re: Second Trilogy Saga?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/02/2013

Thanks, Warren! For the moment, I'm off on another trilogy of my own, but these are all cool ideas, and I hope others will continue the saga and fill in these details.

Re: Second Trilogy Saga?

From: Pear_Lover
Date: 05/15/2013

Short answer: it's conceivable he might if the money's right, and the wind is in his sails.

Re: Second Trilogy Saga?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/17/2013

Alas, no more Halo novels for the duration! It's been terrific fun working with the team, but they are now off on more amazing adventures.

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