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Topic: Your tribute to J.G. Ballard

From: Carl Rosenberg
Date: 04/23/2013

I liked your tribute to J.G. Ballard on his passing. I realize he died four years ago now, but I somehow missed seeing your piece when it first appeared.

I liked Ballard's haunting, surrealistic stories such as "The Voices of Time," "The Cage of Sand," "Memories of the Space Age," etc. The fact that I liked these stories just as much as the American "Golden Age" stories (Asimov, Heinlein) indicates to me that, as different as these writers may be in outlook and ideology, their attitudes toward technology, space travel, etc., there may still be hidden affinities, as if they were somehow in dialogue with each other, for all their differences.

Re: Your tribute to J.G. Ballard

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/23/2013

Indeed. Re-reading the best of fifties and sixties SF is something of a rebirth of enthusiasm for what drew me into SF in the first place. Ballard blew us all away!

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