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Topic: Praise and thanks.

From: Faide
Location: Australia
Date: 04/11/2013

Over the last few years I have been anxiously following the development of the new Halo franchise both with a mixture of joy and dread.
I was ecstatic when I learned of this new series, even more so when I learned of the forerunners story to be revealed.
I dreaded the possibility of this new untried studio contaminating a series with the goals of individuals rather than staying loyal to a universe with such depth and diverse mysteries,hopes and visual wonders.
I was also curious about this new writer that had been chosen to present the story of the forerunners, I had never read another of your books before and I admit I was slightly worried what an author who had little connection to the Halo universe before hand might create but I was hopeful, I did my research, I found your background and I was relieved with the work I saw and the snippets I read. So I endured the waiting of each month for the releases.

As I picked up Cryptum the first thing I am greeted with is a narrative style that was.. new to me, it took time for me to adjust to the way you presented a story in the first person but when I adjusted the pictures your words painted in my imagination were as worthy of any Halo story.
I must admit, the presentation of Humanity as a galactic power at the same time of the Forerunners is a point that I, like the Didact himself, will have two personalities on.
There is the side which heeds the descriptions of the terminals and the original presumption of humanity only being tribal at the time of the flood war and had no spacefaring history whatsoever.
Then there's the side that revels in the lust of power that I get when I imagine Humanity challenging the Forerunners themselves and all the histories and stories that can be drawn from those facts alone.

Even when Halo 4 came out I maintain two opinions on the matter one favoring it and the changes, the other critical and judging where there are discrepancies to the lore, the narrative style & the visual language that Halo has maintained & been recognized for for over a decade.

(As resolute as a promethean to the Mantle perhaps?)

I guess this letter may come off as the ramblings of a fan more dedicated to a story than is healthy but Halo is something that I have grown up with, when times were hard Halo and its stories were something I could lose myself in imagination and action, when times were good it was again a place for friends and I to discuss, challenge each other and teabag the losers haha.

There is something else it has given me though, Every person who has contributed to the story since Bungie brought Halo to the world has also helped my own imagination grow and learn and hope for a future of civilization in space.

It has also influenced my path in life, I wish to now help build universes such as Halo with the art skills I developed to draw and design what I saw in its books, maybe one day I can contribute my own work to Halo.

All of that has been made possible by you and those who have helped construct this world.

Silentium was the magnum opus of the forerunner trilogy and areas which had been put in place which were obscure on their own, pleasantly clicked into place like a well oiled machine.

Thank you for working on the Forerunners, thank you for building and establishing their own history, as hubristic as it has been revealed.

I do hope that it won't be the last time you contribute to Halo and finally thankyou again for not only maintaining the spirit of Halo but for Expanding it further!

(also thankyou for reading this book of a mail! It is appreciated)

Also, I worked on a quickly done illustration at the moment of the battle of the greater ark. If you have some spare time on an occasion it would be wonderful for you to see it.


Re: Praise and thanks.

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/16/2013

Thanks, Faide--

Good luck with the terrific visual skills!

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