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Topic: Silentium

From: Chris
Date: 04/01/2013


THANK YOU for this book. I've been fascinated with the Forerunners since the terminal dialogue, and was mortified that Bungie and later 343 would destroy such a promising premise, but you have created a far greater story than I had imagined. Thank you for not destroying my dreams!

I wanted to ask a few questions, I hope they're answerable. The first is, what exactly is Haruspis? Is it an ancilla, and are its associates Forerunner, comparable to catalog?

Do Precursors remain besides those reconstituted in flood form? And does the domain remain? I get the feeling Cortana is in it, but was it actually housed in Precursor artifacts? And were the plants on the other-Forerunner world previously Forerunner?

And finally, if the Librarian died on Earth, is the Librarian we see on Requiem in SpartanOps actually another Forerunner with her imprint?

Thank you for bringing this universe to life and for clearing up my confusion, at LEAST about Haruspis!


Re: Silentium

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/10/2013

Thanks, Chris! I'll leave the answers to most of these questions to future 343 projects. As for Haruspis, I quote from the book itself: "Not even Haruspis, entrusted with studying the Domain, could access those memories."

Haruspis is an elevated Forerunner, involved not just with Domain and the Juridical functions, but with overseeing important Forerunner rituals. I don't believe the actual physical nature of the Haruspices has been made clear in any of the relations we have access to.

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